Monday, 30 January 2017

The Makeup Diaries no.1 | You don't need it

    Hey, how was everyone's Australia Day, or if your not from Australia did you have a good week? My Australia day ended up being pretty chill, I mostly sipped Iced Watermelon Mocktails and listened to the Triple J's hottest 100 as I baked macarons and passionfruit tarts for a bridal shower on the weekend. At the bridal shower we had a donut wall, which is honestly one of the prettiest and most delicious ideas ever! Check out my instagram to see photos, I haven't posted any of the shower yet but will in a few days...

    ANYWAY, so today I wanted to talk about makeup and share with you some of my thoughts on the subject. From the age of about 13 girls are faced with the decision of being the type of girl who wears makeup or the type who doesn't. Some girls start wearing as much as they can as soon as they can, while others might decide to only wear mascara for now and change their mind in a few years. And others decide to never wear makeup at all, or only on special occasions.
    But the thing is, everyone has a different relationship with makeup. Makeup makes some girls feel stronger, more confident. Others feel prettier wearing it and more themselves. Some people even feel extremely uncomfortable and insecure wearing it. It's strange how it can create so many different reactions in people, and yet it does.

    But I think that is something we need to remember, and I think that a lot of people don't. Often on the internet I come across beauty bloggers and vloggers who create these beautiful makeup looks but forget to teach their viewers about natural beauty and how to be confident without makeup. Beauty bloggers and vloggers are incredibly talented and I know not all do this, but I often find they're so focused on the makeup aspect of beauty they forget about the natural, authentic part.
    This is part of the reason I have a love hate relationship with makeup. I love how it can enhance your natural beauty, but I hate it when I feel insecure without it, or when I see people who are incapable of being seen without it.

     Makeup is not something that we actually need and people are still beautiful without it. I believe society should stop encouraging girls so young to wear it on a daily basis, because that just encourages them to be dependant on it. 13 year old girls are insecure enough as it is and while makeup may temporarily make them feel more confident I believe that not wearing makeup until you are completely (or as close as you can get) confident in your natural appearance is far more beneficial to your self esteem. I personally only wore mascara until I was about 17, and I'm not saying you should necessarily do the same, but because of that makeup is something that I can take or leave most days. I am quite confident being seen without makeup and often wear it more for fun than anything else. I just don't think it's good to be reliant on something to make you feel beautiful.

That's all I have to say on the subject of makeup for now, but I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings towards makeup in the comments. I hope that my thoughts are useful to you and that they will give you the confidence to have a go at not wearing makeup for a day, or the confidence to feel okay about not wearing it when all your friends do. There is nothing wrong with loving makeup and wearing it, just remember that you don't need it.
With love,
From Rachael

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