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Hello, I'm Rachael and this all feels very formal... It's really weird writing an 'About me' post. Normally when I am saying who I am there is someone else telling me who they are as well. An about me page just feels so one sided, so please introduce yourself in the comments so I feel less awkward and like I'm creating an online dating profile. Thank you. But until then I'm going to pretend that you've asked some questions for me to answer.

Who even are you?
So. I am a 21 year old Australian girl (blah, blah, blah). I had two gap years, during which I spent six months in Europe, but I am now attending University. I am studying a bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing and a bachelor of Arts, majoring in English. Who two degrees, you may ask? Well they were having a two for one deal at the uni and I was feeling indecisive. hah. For real though I am equally interested in both and adding the extra degree only adds one year, so why not?

I am also a Christian. It's actually a pretty big part of my life and a lot of my values come from my beliefs. But that doesn't mean that it completely defines me and that my personality is that of a stereotypical Christian girl. If you've seen Easy A then you'd know exactly what I'm taking about and don't worry, I find Amanda Bynes character embarrassing as well.

Is that all?
Nope. One of my absolute favourite things is reading. I like YA contemporaries, fantasy, a little sci-fi etc, etc. I also enjoy baking, shopping, travelling, watching TV and *sarcastic voice* going for long walks on the beach (but for real though, who doesn't?). There's a lot more, but you'll just have to keep up to find out. Or don't. Thats cool too.

What even is this blog?
Good question, thank you for asking. This is a place where I share my experiences and give advice to people (mainly girls) about growing up. So I'll talk about things like friendship, boys and knowing what to do after school. I'll also talk about more fun things like make up, books, baking and music.

Well thats all I'm going to say for now. Thanks for reading and I can't wait to get to know you all. 
From Rachael with love. 

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